Why Real Estate Agents Get Insulted

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Several of my previous blogs discussed why you should hire a real estate agent and why it is you HIRE them and not "use" them.

Here are a couple of stories gathered from real agents that show when & why real estate agents get insulted.  


#1: A "Lead" registered on agent's website: Hi I am looking for a minimum of 3500sf with 3 bathrooms and at least 5 bedrooms. I saw a few like that on your website, but I can't remember which ones they were. Can you send me a list so I can give them to my Realtor?

REALLY?  You LIKE & USE my website, you can't recall which houses you liked, you won't bother your agent, and you want me to spend time working for you for free because your agent is not doing their job? 

Most decent agents would respond with that they could not step on the other agent's toes or if the consumer was unsatisfied with their agent's services "we would love to speak to you about what I have to offer."  But keep in mind we are biting our lips!


#2: Potential Buyers call you to see a house.  You ask if they have an agent. They respond NO.  You show them the house and/or others. When you ask them to sign a buyer agency agreement they finally mention they have an agent but they "didn't want to bother her with just seeing houses."  

REALLY?  If she can't be "bothered" she shouldn't get paid!  

In Maryland, thankfully, we have very specific laws and forms to help avoid this situation, tho there are bound to be liars out there.  Don't do this to any agent.  You wouldn't want to show up to work one day and then at the end of the day have your boss tell you he fired you this morning when you came in but didn't tell you.


#3: Your listing is in full swing. Real Estate Agent has done everything promised and then some.  House goes under contract, agent does excellent job. Three days before settlement you get the closing disclosure and ask if the agent will discount her payment.  

REALLY?  How about we walk into your place of employment and listen to your boss tell you how great a worker you are but you are not getting your full paycheck this week? JUST BECAUSE.  Would love to hear what you'd say or even think...


We ARE Professionals so treating us otherwise is insulting! 


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