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Real Estate

FYI as you start the process of being a seller:

1. Agents will miss showing appointments, not call, not show up, or show up late. Likewise, some showings will last five minutes and other times it will feel like the buyers have already moved in.

2. Appointments will be made and cancelled at the last minute. 

3. Sometimes, your listing agent will call you and say someone wants to see your house "RIGHT NOW" !  The potential buyers are sitting outside on your front step.

4. The date on the contract may change subject to many variables (buyer's lender taking time or making a mistake; more time needed that thought to negotiate home inspection results; family emergencies)

5. The property might not appraise for contract price. While it is a seller's market, this still happens! Know what the contract says about what your options are.

6. The buyer agent may not return any phone calls within any reason.  Either they do not own a cell phone or their client doesn't call them and they are too embarrassed to tell me.

 7. Other agents will try to "steal" the listing away from me; they do not really have buyers, they just want to get your listing. And no, it is not ethical.

8. You may still get lowball offers even in a sellers' market.

9. You may still get asked for seller contribution $ back to buyer at closing.

10. Once you settle, the house is NOT yours anymore!  You can't forget something in the house and expect to be allowed to go find it.  e.g. do NOT hide your jewelry or cash in the attic!  

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