I am NOT a "Gimmick" Agent!

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Real Estate

I am not a "gimmick" type of real estate agent. Yes, I send out postcards, plenty of FB posts, drop off "pop-bys" occasionally to former clients, etc. so no one forgets about me, but I do offer some things that most other agents don't / can't: I am an attorney (so I know my contracts! - judge's clerk/private practice/prosecutor before starting KWAM) and I do offer home warranties to all my sellers (non-short sales) that cover them while they list and then it goes to the new buyer (about $550 avg; buyers usu ask for one anyway), AND I DO NOT CHARGE a flat / admin fee that many agents charge (average is about $495). If you are selling and a veteran, there is another 1/2% listing side discount. I can do this bcse I forego expensive public advertising for new business bcse most of my business comes from referrals and there is no reason a buyer or seller has to pay more.
With me, you know buying or selling a house is NOT about me getting my commission, bcse nothing is more important than my reputation for being a professional and getting the job done that you hired me to do.