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Getting Your House Ready to Show - some cleaning tasks you probably didn't think to do:

There's some chores that often get forgotten during your regular cleaning sessions but they are very important to remember to do when you are getting your house ready to sell. The devil IS in the details.  Doing these annoying chores will definitely pay off - your home will show a lot better to buyers. CLEAN sells !! 

ceiling fans: dust the light bulbs and the blades;
 washers and dryer: wipe down the inside tubes, remove lint from collectors, wipe off the outside and make them shine; make sure they both smell good;
shower head and faucet handles should all sparkle;
stoves should be cleaned on the inside as well as the racks;
baseboard should be wiped clean and maybe even painted bright white;
dishwashers should smell good and have their filters cleaned;
mattresses can have lingering odors - use a deodorizer to freshen the smell;
hampers should also be odor-free;
refrigerators shelves should shine; 
kitchen drawers will be opened so make sure they are organized.

If you are still not sure what to clean, have a (good/trustworthy/caring) friend come over to point out what they see needs attention.

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